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It will work? an idea Apr 24 2011 08:36AM
learnmsfre gmail com (3 replies)
RE: It will work? an idea Apr 28 2011 06:32AM
IT_H_Security (IT_H_Security MahindraSatyamBPO com) (1 replies)
Re: It will work? an idea Apr 28 2011 09:07AM
Vivek P Nair (iamherevivek gmail com)
RE: It will work? an idea Apr 26 2011 05:11PM
Omar Salvador Alcalá Ruiz (oalcala scitum com mx) (1 replies)
Re: It will work? an idea Apr 27 2011 10:27AM
Alex Vargas (vargasa gmail com)
Re: It will work? an idea Apr 26 2011 12:07PM
Nick FitzGerald (nick virus-l demon co uk)
learnmsfre (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed] wrote:

> I have an idea to share with you guys to know whether it can be
> implemented or not? ...

You're new here, eh?

(And by "here" I mean "anything with the word security in it...".)

> ...
> 1- It will benefit community? 2- To what level idea is practical?

If it were that easy, don't you think it might have been done already?

Here's a hint...

There's this thing about scale (and I'll ignore code reliability, non-
proneness to instability, FPs, etc) that your formulation skips over so
simply. You see, human language is (well, "can be") so cunningly,
deceptively compressive. It's monstrously trivial and non-time-
consuming to write something like:

> ... So, idea is to develop an open source HIDS
> that defeat vulnerabilities based exploits. ...

Please go ahead.

You (and however many monkeys) go and do that (oh, and BTW, the
licensing model is not actually irrelevant here -- as you come to
realize how complex actually doing that is, and the money you could
make doing a non-OSS-licensed version of something extremely distant
from that but still actually useful to the otherwise mostly clueless
(aka "the great unwashed") computer users... Oh, sorry, I forgot you
were idealizing at a totally reality-divorced level!!! Just ignore a
grizzled old fart like me who knows how shite actually works...).


Nick FitzGerald

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