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Website search engine is a hacking tool.. Jul 19 2004 04:06AM
Amal Mohammad Al Hajeri (amal nis etisalat ae) (2 replies)
Re: Website search engine is a hacking tool.. Jul 22 2004 06:35AM
Wojciech Pawlikowski (ducer u-n-f com)
On Mon, Jul 19, 2004 at 08:06:21AM +0400, Amal Mohammad Al Hajeri wrote:
> Hi List,
> Did you ever thought of the website search engine as a hacking tool?
> During one of the pen-tests, The website search engine, was a valuable
> tool to discover interesting directories within the website itself,
> these directories were not detected by famous website scanners like
> nikto or SPI dynamics,i managed to get documentation pages about the API
> application implemented, management login pages, backup files and much
> more.
> I leave it to your imagination to search for words like:
> password,login,oracle,database,administrator, backup...etc

It's nuffin new, if you want to be a good google hacker you should start
from reading
and than try to browse

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Re: Website search engine is a hacking tool.. Jul 21 2004 07:54PM
Gerry Eisenhaur (GEisenhaur cisco com)


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