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RE: Website search engine is a hacking tool.. Jul 22 2004 10:01PM
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> Subject: Re: Website search engine is a hacking tool..
> There have been many articles written about using google as a hacking
> tool. All you really though need is an imagination.
> Here are some google modifiers that you might not know of:
> and here are some ideas to get you started:
> You would be amazed at whats out there, I've found everything
> from VNC
> passwords for entire domains, WEP keys, to pictures of peoples family.

Not sure how "pictures of people's family" is relevant.

I have had to track back some people sometimes through the years, and
at least once found "pictures of their family".

The most successful examples have been for tracking back entirely
"anonymous" people through their fingerprint of writing to their
real identities. Identidity in the plural, because often the only
identity online is multiple psuedo-anonymous ones that give real
details in various forums.

In one example we thought a troll was a pedophile because he was
found trying to pick up fifteen year old girls. Turns out, surprise
surprise, he was fifteen. His terrified mom told us when we called
her up.

In another case, a neo-nazi troll was caught because of his unusual
fascination with a certain vulgar phrase he had the unfortunate luck
to coin.

This trace back gave his home address and the highly vulnerable
information that he actually kept gold bars under his baseboards.

Being confronted with this information he promptly repented and never

Their "fingerprint" is derived by breaking up their sentences and
finding specific phrases and misspellings. Then, these are put into
search engines and return counts and possible identities are put
against these. If lucky, one can whittle down the suspect list
to some positive proof. I am not aware of this method being used
or documented anywhere, though it works on basic forensic science
principles used in physical criminology and utilizes well known
linguistic forensics...

So that is a more unusual example of "google hacking" [sic]...

While the methods I specified are useful for tracking back
scum bags they also could be used to find hackable targets in
a weak link target scenario.

There are few corporate or governmental targets better then
an "executive" at home on his take home laptop. Search engines
are instrumental in finding that kind of identity. FYI.

> --gerry
> Amal Mohammad Al Hajeri wrote:
> > Hi List,
> >
> > Did you ever thought of the website search engine as a hacking tool?
> > During one of the pen-tests, The website search engine, was
> a valuable
> > tool to discover interesting directories within the website itself,
> > these directories were not detected by famous website scanners like
> > nikto or SPI dynamics,i managed to get documentation pages
> about the API
> > application implemented, management login pages, backup
> files and much
> > more.
> > I leave it to your imagination to search for words like:
> > password,login,oracle,database,administrator, backup...etc
> >
> > Best Regards,
> >
> >
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