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CEHv7 Sep 28 2011 11:41AM
Nathalie Vaiser (nvaiser gmail com) (2 replies)
I was wondering if anyone who has taken the CEHv7 exam could comment
on its differences from CEHv6.

I'm currently studying for the exam but all my study material is from
the CEHv6. I really don't have the budget to purchase more courses. If
there was a good CEHv7 book though I could spring for that.

How different is the exam? I've been doing some practice tests (from
v6) and doing ok. The exam is now $500 so I really need to be sure
I'm prepared before taking it.

Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

Thank you


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RES: CEHv7 Sep 30 2011 02:21PM
Fabio Nascimento de Mello (fabio nmello totvs com br) (1 replies)
Re: RES: CEHv7 Oct 01 2011 02:48PM
Arafat Bique (arafat bique gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: CEHv7 Oct 16 2011 04:11AM
Roger Trevisan (roger trevisa gmail com)
Re: CEHv7 Sep 30 2011 11:05AM
Clement Dupuis (clement dupuis gmail com)


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