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SIP Digest Authenticationþ Oct 01 2011 04:02AM
Bassem Ammar (basem live ru) (1 replies)


How can i got the SIP password if i have the following

1- SIP USER which use in Digest Authorization
2- realm name
3- nonce
4- uri
5- response
7- REGISTERED captured messages

As i know this should be

{HA1} ={MD5}{A1}={MD5}{username}{realm}{password}
{HA2} ={MD5}{A2}={MD5}{method}:{digestURI}

i can't find any free script or tool to get it and am working on , so
is there any ideas how to break the SIP digest information leakage and
the appropriate tool for this except immunity canvas ?


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Re: SIP Digest Authentication� Oct 01 2011 07:22PM
Jason Ostrom (justiceguy pobox com) (1 replies)
RE: SIP Digest Authenticationþ Oct 01 2011 11:35PM
Bassem Ammar (basem live ru)


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