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GoLISMERO - v0.6.5 released Nov 10 2011 06:03PM
Daniel García (dani madesyp com)
Dear all,

This is o annunce release of GoLISMERO version 0.6.5. This version
is now full and fixed.

GoLISMERO help you to map an web application, displaying as
confortable format for security auditor and preparing them for
intergrate with other web hacking tools as w3af, wfuzz, netcat, nikto, etc


- Map a web aplication.
- Show all links and forms params as confortable format.
- Save results with some formats: text, cvs, html, raw (for parsing
with bash script) and wfuzz script.
- Detect common vulnerabilites of web application.
- Filter web information retaining only what is important.
- Many other features you can find very useful.

You can download it from:



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