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t2'12: Call for Papers 2012 (Helsinki / Finland) May 11 2012 09:05AM
Tomi Tuominen (tomi tuominen t2 fi)
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# t2'12 - Call For Papers #
Helsinki, Finland
October 25 - 26, 2012

We are pleased to announce the annual t2'12 infosec conference, which
will take place in Helsinki, Finland, from October 25 to 26, 2012.

We are looking for original, preferably technical presentations in the
fields of information security. Presentations should last a minimum of
60 minutes and a maximum of two hours and be presented in English.

Please note that presentations that focus on marketing or directly
promoting a company's products will not be accepted.

We will be accepting talk proposals until July 1, 2012. All submitted
presentations will be reviewed by the t2 Advisory Board.

As usual selected speakers will be reimbursed for travel and hotel
costs. We also proud ourselves of taking good care of the speakers and
there is always something going on during the evenings :)

We suggest strongly that you submit earlier rather than later, since we
will close the CFP early once we receive enough quality submissions to
fill the slots.

Please include the following with your submission:

1. Contact information (email, cell phone and postal address)
2. Country and city of origin for your travel to the conference,
as well as nationality/passport for visa requirements
3. Brief biography (including employer and/or affiliations)
4. Title of the presentation
5. Presentation abstract
6. If your presentation references a paper or piece of software that
you have published, please provide us with either a copy of the
said paper or software, or an URL where we can obtain it.
7. List any other publications or conferences where this material
has been or will be published/submitted

Please send the above information to cfp-2012 (at)

For more information:

Links to past schedules:

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