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Re: Info about attack trees May 25 2012 08:13AM
Federico De Meo (demeof gmail com)
Thank you very much. You give me some interesting starting points.
Hope this can lead me to something :)

I have a question about the "Exploiting software" book. I made a search and
found on amazon "Exploiting software how to break code" by Greg Hoglund and Gary McGraw
is it the correct one? I would like to be sure and not buying random books :)

What about some famous "old" attacks? I know that a lot of attacks were performed
in the past to web application (like what lulzsec did) however I never found any report \ information about
how they were performed and what they exploited. Just things like "There was a SQLi in the form X which was used to perform the attack". Is there something a bit more detailed?

Again thanks to everyone.

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