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Scanner & BaseLine Report Diff? Jun 07 2012 07:31PM
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Re: Scanner & BaseLine Report Diff? Jun 09 2012 07:32PM
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Scanpbnj will store nmap scans to a database and report network changes over time.

Anthony Cicalla

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Subject: Scanner & BaseLine Report Diff?

Hi guys!

I am looking for a product/solution that can help me with an external

IP/Resource scan for ports, vulnerabilities and resource

identification. I don't really have the time to make it in Python with

Nmap etc. I need a solid product that I don't have to maintain.

The big trick is to get this function: I want it to do a compare each

week against a base-line report and send me an email if there are any


Does anyone know of such a product?I have looked at Rapid7 Nexpose,

Nessus, GFI Languard...

Be safe!



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Re: Scanner & BaseLine Report Diff? Jun 18 2012 04:04PM
Adrián Puente Z. (seclists hackarandas com)
Re: Scanner & BaseLine Report Diff? Jun 10 2012 10:20AM
Jerome Athias (athiasjerome gmail com)
FW: Scanner & BaseLine Report Diff? Jun 09 2012 08:34PM
Hardy Mansen (Hardy Mansen UNIBET com)


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