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[Tool update] UCSniff 3.20 is released Jun 19 2012 02:58PM
Mostyn, William Thomas \(Tom\) (tmostyn viperlab net)
UCSniff 3.20 IP Video sniffer is released

* Added support for Ubuntu 12.04
* Realtime Video monitoring using latest libvlc library (2.0.1 - Twoflower)
* Support for iSAC audio codec from Google's WebRTC
* Added support for Cisco 9971 video phone eavesdropping
* Lets users specify tool and options for mixing audio (WAV) and video (H264) files
* Decoupled dependency on older FFMPpeg code so future updates to FFMPeg (now libav) and libvlc won't break UCSniff
* Support for Cisco UCM 8.0.2 Skinny (SCCP)
* Decoupled dependency on Ettercap's 'etter.conf'. UCSniff now uses it's own configuration file, 'ucsniff.conf'
* Enhanced default Juce interface GUI bug with random colors
* Ability to enable/disable audio/video file mixing via checkbox in GUI
* Support for user specified command to mix audio and video files
* Builds (but no tested) in Mint Linux 13

Tom Mostyn | Senior Software Engineer, VIPER Lab | Multiservice SBC and Security Group | Avaya | Direct 1.469.250.3893 Home Off. Mobile 1.817.521.6842 | tmostyn (at) viperlab (dot) net [email concealed] |


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