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Reconfiguring cmdshell Jun 30 2012 07:06PM
Smiling Buddha (smilngbuddha gmail com) (2 replies)

I am on a pentest assignment and have encountered an sql injection
vulnerability with an SQL Server 2005 in the background, complete with
dbo level access. I have successfully retrieved DB values and have
already presented as evidence. Now, i am directed to take the attack
to the next level and see the extent of the problem.

I am trying to run the xp_cmdshell stored procedure.
To ensure xp_cmdshell is enabled, i am running the following two queries:

EXEC master..sp_configure 'xp_cmdshell', '1'
in the vulnerable parameter as:

';EXEC master..sp_configure 'xp_cmdshell', '1''     - This query
replies without any error

But when i append RECONFIGURE the following it returns an error:

';EXEC master..sp_configure 'xp_cmdshell', '1';RECONFIGURE'   -
Incorrect syntax near "

I looked up the sp_configure functionality and don't see any
syntactical error, maybe the sequence, or incorrectly formed stacked

Any suggestions?



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Re: Reconfiguring cmdshell Jul 02 2012 01:20PM
Yiannis Koukouras (ikoukouras gmail com)
Re: Reconfiguring cmdshell Jul 01 2012 06:49AM
596 (infosecurity email gmail com)


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