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WebApp Pentest: Tool-Chain / Best Practice Aug 27 2012 07:03AM
André Schaller (an schall googlemail com)
Hey there,

I know there are a lot of guidelines on how to perform a decent web
application pentest (like the owasp guide). However, most of these
documents give recommendations regarding the things that need to be
investigated and the tools to use at which stage in the process.
From a business point of view this seems a little bit unsatisfying,
since one has to use a scattering of different tools with different
(maybe sometimes redundant) outputs for different security aspects
(lfi-scanner, sqli-scanner, etc. pp.). This makes it rather annoying to
model a high-performance business process, which is automated at least
in the first step (i know it will take human interpretation of the
results anyway and further investigation on the reported issues).
So may actual question is: Are there any best practices or guidelines on
the interaction of these tools? Are there recommendations regarding
tool-chains? Do you guys have experiences regarding the process modeling
of such a pentest?

Thanks for your replies.


A. Schaller


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