Penetration Testing
[Rooted CON 2013] CFP starts! Sep 05 2012 06:38PM
Román Ramírez (rramirez rootedcon es) (1 replies)
Hack3rCon Sep 14 2012 01:22AM
Justin Rogosky (jrogosky gmail com)

Announcing Hack3rCon^3!
October 19-21, 2012
Charleston, WV

Great local security conference.

Hack3rCon ^3 Doomsday Eve - Are you prepared?:
Hack3rcon is West Virginiaâ??s premier information security conference,
bringing together leading information security researchers and
practitioners from around the country and around the world. With a focus
on methodology and information sharing, Hack3rcon seeks to energize the
infosec community and provide an engaging and supportive environment to
hone our attendees skill while fostering a sense of community and social


This list is sponsored by: Information Assurance Certification Review Board

Prove to peers and potential employers without a doubt that you can actually do a proper penetration test. IACRB CPT and CEPT certs require a full practical examination in order to become certified.

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