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MagicTree 1.2 released Sep 27 2012 11:46AM
Alla Bezroutchko (alla gremwell com)
MagicTree 1.2 is released and available for download at

MagicTree is data management tool for penetration testers. It allows
bringing together data from different sources, analyzing and re-using it
and generating custom reports.

New features in this release:

* Metasploit XML import (issue #228)
* Support "critical" severity from Nessus 5 (issue #254)
* XSLT export. MagicTree data can now be exported as arbitrary XML. An
XSLT for nmap-format export is provided. Use case: merge multiple nmap
files, then export as one file to use in Nessus scan (issue #77)
* Importing exploitability data from Nessus
* Added "Save file as..." button to XML file view
* Support for importing output of nmap scripts
* Various bug fixes

Alla Bezroutchko
Gremwell -


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