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TXDNS v2.2.1 released Nov 05 2012 10:40AM
Arley Silveira (arleybls hotmail com)
TXDNS v 2.2.1 is out and available to download from
Some new features:
* You can now rotate country code second level domains (ccSLD) along with TLDs:
* You can now indicate a start point to the brute force algorithm:
  --start-at xyz;
* Option to force resolver to use only TCP transport for the DNS queries:
* By default resolver will ignore both host file and the local dns cache. You can enable those options trough:
  --use-cache, --use-host;
* Full DNS record detail dump:

* Display the time taken for each query:
* Alpha charset now includes '_' and '-';

Arley Silveira.

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