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Arachni v0.4.3 has been released (Open Source Web Application Security Scanner Framework) Jul 06 2013 06:59PM
Tasos Laskos (tasos laskos gmail com)
Hey folks,

There's a new version of Arachni, an Open Source, modular and
high-performance Web Application Security Scanner Framework written in Ruby.

The change-log is quite sizeable but some bullet points follow.

For the Framework (v0.4.3):

* Stable multi-Instance scans, taking advantage of SMP/Grid
architectures for higher efficiency and performance.
* Automated Grid load-balancing.
* Platform fingerprinting for tailor-made audits resulting in less
bandwidth consumption, less server stress and smaller scan runtimes.

For the Web User Interface (v0.4.1):

* Support for PostgreSQL.
* Support for importing data and configuration from the previous
0.4.2-0.4 packages.


* Downgraded to require GLIBC >= 2.12 for improved portability.

For more details about the new release please visit:

Download page:

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Author - Tasos "Zapotek" Laskos (
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Copyright - 2010-2013 Tasos Laskos
License - Apache License v2

Tasos Laskos.


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