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GoLismero 2.0 beta 2 released Sep 20 2013 09:21AM
cr0hn (cr0hn cr0hn com)
Hi all,

We're pleased to announce the beta 2 version of GoLismero 2.0.

In this new version you can find a lot of changes, like:

- Integration with Nmap.
- Added IP address geolocation support.
- Added 22 new vulnerability types to the data model.
- Now vulnerabilities may be categorized using the following standards:
+ Bugtraq ID
+ CERT Advisory
+ Secunia Advisory
+ Security Tracker ID
+ CERT Vulnerability Note
+ ISS X-Force ID
- Added NIST CPE database.
- Added reStructured Text output format.
- Improvements to the command line UI and text reports, including Bash autocompletion support.
- Many improvements and internal refactoring that won't show :)
- Bugfixes!


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