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SpiderFoot 2.1.4 released Apr 28 2014 08:34AM
Steve Micallef (steve binarypool com)
Hi all,

SpiderFoot 2.1.4 is now available, and will be the last enhancement
release on the 2.1 branch as I focus on 2.2. SpiderFoot is an open
source footprinting and intelligence gathering tool, written in Python
and runs on Linux, *BSD and Windows.

Since 2.1.0 was announced here in January, the following enhancements
have been implemented..

- Integration with:
- VirusTotal
- AlienVault IP Reputation DB
- SORBS and a bunch more...
- PasteBin searching
- defacement look-up
- TOR exit node check
- Whole bunch of DNS-based functionality
- Extracts meta data from PDF, DOCX, PPTX and XLSX files
- Identifies human names in content
- Finds associated Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles
- SOCKS proxy support
- Real-time scan status UI
- Bug fixes and smaller miscellaneous enhancements


Feel free to mail me any questions, enhancement requests or general




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