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How to deal with the company that doesn't react on providing them information about serious security vulnerability? Jul 23 2014 10:06AM
MichaÅ? RybiÅ?ski (fishmanos79 gmail com) (2 replies)
Hi all,

I believe this is the best place to ask such question because I would
imagine that most of people reading this list have something to do
with discovering vulnerabilities and reporting them to parties

On the beginning of the January I have discovered some security flaw
which allows basically anyone to access all personal client's data
(full name, full address, email address and a few more) of one of the
most known Internet IT magazine.
Although I have sent information about it to 3 different contact email
addresses in the two months time span, the only thing I got in return
was information that "We have received your email and have forwarded
it to our main office to review and advise." received on 1st of April.
Since then I haven't heard from them at all.

The easiest action I can think of is to just make a full disclosure of
the flaw and wait for the reaction but because this would allow almost
anyone to access personal data of tenths if not hundreds thousands of
subscribers (including me), I'd rather not do that...

Could anyone of you propose what would be the best solution in this
case or maybe generally this subject can be the start for the more
general question - what should be done with the companies that doesn't
react on such information sent?

Many thanks


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