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SpiderFoot 2.11 released Aug 14 2017 08:38PM
Steve Micallef (steve binarypool com)
Hi all,

For the folks here interested in OSINT, recon and threat intel, I'm
pleased to announce SpiderFoot 2.11 is now out.

SpiderFoot now has over 100 modules to collect data utilising APIs from
SHODAN, BuiltWith, RIPE, AlienVault OTX, Robtex, HaveIBeenPwned? as well
as typical recon techniques like DNS brute-forcing, port scanning, web
spidering and more. It's open source, written in Python, documented and
usable with both a CLI and pretty web-based GUI including visualisations.

SpiderFoot 2.11 has the following new features since 2.9 was announced
here in March:

- A CLI has been added, so you can automate your OSINT even further.
- New threat intel integrations w/ Fraudguard, AlienVault OTX, Fortinet.
- Google Maps integration to get addresses and Geo-coordinates of entities.
- Extract Bitcoin addresses from spidered web pages and fetch
information from about them from the Bitcoin blockchain.
- Look up e-mail addresses using the Clearbit API to obtain names,
addresses and more.
- BuiltWith Domain API integration for extracting e-mail addresses,
phone numbers, names and web technologies about your target.
- Search and TORCH for dark web content about your target.
- Bunch of bug fixes, performance improvements and minor enhancements
- User manual updated:

For those wanting to see the CLI in action, there are a bunch of
tutorials available at

Website incl. screenshots and docs:


Steve Micallef


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