Re: Date code on Seagate disks Oct 16 2006 07:06AM
Paul Vidonne (vidonne vidonne fr) (1 replies)
At 15:41 06/10/06 +0200, you wrote:
>Does somebody know how to understand "Date Code" on Seagate disk ?
>For example "06212"

Many thanks to many private contributors. We do not have Seagate evidence,
but it seems the true explanation is the following one :

Date Code Shape: YYWWD
* YY: fiscal year, beginning on the 1st Saturday of July YY-1
* WW: fiscal weeks from 1st Saturday of July YY-1
* D: days from the beginning of week WW (weeks run from Saturday to Friday)

An illustrated example is to be find at the following URL:


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Re: Date code on Seagate disks Oct 18 2006 01:48PM
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