GUID Partition Table (GPT) Recovery Oct 31 2006 10:24PM
Thomas Matthews (thomas lagged ca) (1 replies)

Hello all,

I am interested to know if any of you out there have been successful at recovering a GPT volume. The "partition style" as listed under the Volume tab within the disk device properties states "GUID Partition Table (GPT)".

I am working with a Promise VTrak M500p SCSI RAID device using the following configuration:

RAID Level: RAID-5
Capacity: 5.9 TB
Stripe: 64KB
Sector: 2KB
Number of Used Physical Drives: 14

I've used Guidance Software's EnCase and AccessData's FTK Imager (and some random data recovery applications), all are unable to read the partition information. As mentioned above, I'm just putting some feelers out to discover your experiences with GPT. I am mostly interested in reviewing deleted information (without having to data carve) and viewing folder structure. I can provide additional information if required.

Thanks for your time.


Thomas Matthews

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