Hardware Based Disk Encryption Oct 31 2006 01:52PM
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When someone gets a chance to play with one of these, please post.

An open and self-contained crypto infrastructure on a hard drive that is "useless" until the BIOS recognizes it with a password key. Reminds me a little of the "locks" some manufactures have that can be enabled in the BIOS for some drives. Although, it is easy to just call up the manufacture and get the back-door key for locked drives (done many times with basic data recovery jobs or just hook up to another computer and not boot from it), according to Seagate, there is no "back-door" access here. If the key is lost, stolen, or just not available for investigations/recoveries, there will be no way to access/read the FDE (Full-Disk Encryption) drive.

Also, it has a "wiping" technique that supposedly can "wipe" a drive in less then a second and be "secure". I would like to know more about this. If anyone has any information, please post. Thanks.

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Re: Hardware Based Disk Encryption Nov 04 2006 01:07PM
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