Mount a .bin file in Linux Nov 01 2006 06:10PM
clint robotic com (7 replies)
Re: Mount a .bin file in Linux Nov 06 2006 08:33PM
Erik Lat (erik lat lextech com)

What type of 'file' does linux think this image is?

$ file image001.bin
*** Something interesting ***

Also, I'm not very familiar with this X-Late Hardcopy software, but I'm
willing to be that it just dumps the whole disk, mbr, partition table and everything.

If this is the case, I dont think you can access individual partition on this
drive via the linux loopback device. I've tried to do this using compact flash images before,
but I was never able to get at individual partitions.. What I ended up doing was
running 2 disk images in qemu. One just a big old chunk of Zeros written to a flat
file via dd, and the other the desired disk image. Boot to a linux command prompt
in Qemu. then you should be able to mount / access the individual partitions contained
in the .bin image. Then you can copy the data off it using DD or good old 'cp -pdrvx'

As a side note, you might want to make sure your linux kernel supports the windows
partition table layout, and that you have NTFS support built in as well..


On 1 Nov 2006 18:10:21 -0000
clint (at) robotic (dot) com [email concealed] wrote:

> Help! I've created a .bin file of a Windows XP system using an X-Late HardCopy device (in image mode). I thought I could simply mount the image in Linux (I'm using Helix 0307) using:
> # mount -o loop -t iso9660 image001.bin /media/test
> but that doesn't work (mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop1, missing codepage or other error).
> Any ideas how I can mount a .bin image in Helix so I can investigate it? I can mount it in Autopsy, but I want the OS to see it.
> -- rman666


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