CarvFs fixed to work with latest releases sleuthkit/scalpel/libewf (in-place/zero-storage carving) Dec 29 2006 11:34AM
Rob Meijer (rmeijer xs4all nl)
The new 0.2.1 release of CarvFs ( )
now comes with a script (scalpelcp) that makes it work in conjunction with
the preview mode ( the -p option) of scalpel. This script can be used to
populate the scalpel output dir with symlinks to the proper carvfs pseudo
Next to the scalpel interconnectivity, the patchset for the sleuthkit
mmls,dls and icat tools has been fixed to work with the latest release of
the sleuthkit, and the carvfs ewf module has been patched to work with
the latest beta versions of libewf.


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