Re: recovery/forensics of NTFS encrypted folder. Jan 02 2007 08:29PM
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Physically damaged SD card Jan 04 2007 06:33PM
Michael Edwards (medwards digital-legal com) (3 replies)
Any tips or ideas for recovering data from a physically damaged SD
flash card? One of the cards I'm working with has hairline cracks in
it, that appear to be getting worse with handling. I was able to
recover some data off it at first, but now, no go.

I've tried several readers that I have available. Applying some
physical pressure to close up the cracks seemed to help a bit at
first. Typically, if I can get it to read, I can read some data, but
then it un-mounts and either fails to read, or all data read contains zeros.

Mind you, in this particular instance, it's just my vacation pictures
that I'd be sad to lose (first trip to London), but I've done some
recovery/forensic work with flash media before, and it seems like
excellent practice.

Michael Edwards

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Re: Physically damaged SD card Jan 05 2007 04:44AM
Raymond C. Parks (rcparks comcast net)
Re: Physically damaged SD card Jan 04 2007 08:43PM
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RE: Physically damaged SD card Jan 04 2007 08:19PM
Ackley, Ray (R.J.) (rackley ford com)


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