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Dear colleagues:

Information on the fourth issue of the Journal of Digital Forensics,
Security and Law (JDFSL) is now available as follows:

Volume 1 Number 4, 2006
Published: December 31, 2006
ISSN: 1558-7215 (print)
ISSN: 1558-7223 (online)
Journal Website:
Issue Abstracts:
Editor-in-Chief: Glenn S. Dardick, Longwood University, Virginia, USA

Table of Contents

"A Curriculum for Teaching Information Technology Investigative
Techniques for Auditors"
Grover S. Kearns, University of South Florida

"The Role of Power and Negotiation in Online Deception"
Chad Albrecht, University of Ramon Llull
Conan C. Albrecht, Brigham Young University
Jonathan Wareham, University of Ramon Llull
Paul Fox, University of Ramon Llull

"Is Forensic Computing a Profession? Revisiting an Old Debate in a New
Bernd Carsten Stahl, De Montfort University

Book Review: "Digital Crime and Forensic Science in Cyberspace"
Reviewed by Gary C. Kessler, Champlain College

The mission of JDFSL is to publish original research and comments about
digital forensics and its relationship to security and law.
Contributions are particularly welcome which analyze the results of
interdisciplinary research. Publications will include the results of
research and case studies that advance the curriculum, practice and
understanding of digital forensics methods and techniques to support
efficient and effective investigations.

The primary audience will include individuals who are interested in
developing curriculum and teaching methods as well as conducting
research related to the areas of digital forensics, security and law.
This journal is of value to both academic and practitioner audiences.

The journal Web site is located at The senior
editor of the JDFSL is Dr. Glenn S. Dardick, and he can be reached via
email at editor (at) jdfsl (dot) org. [email concealed]

Glenn S. Dardick, Ph.D.
804-680-3038 (FAX)
gdardick (at) dardick (dot) net [email concealed]

Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Longwood University
dardickgs (at) longwood (dot) edu [email concealed]

Director, Association for Digital Forensics, Security and Law

Editor, Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law

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