dcfldd Records In/Out vs. Written Feb 15 2007 07:10PM
Ackley, Ray (R.J.) (rackley ford com) (1 replies)
Can anyone explain what the difference is between Records In/Out and
Records Written in dcfldd?

If I'm doing a dcfldd with bs=512 on a hard drive with X number of
sectors, the Records In/Out is X - the same number of sectors the hard
drive has. However, the number of records *written* is always less than
the total in/out and what the hard drive has. Does this mean that it's
not copying sectors near the end of the drive, or is the Records Written
number not really relevant?

Ray Ackley

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Re: dcfldd Records In/Out vs. Written Feb 20 2007 01:30AM
farmerdude (subscribe crazytrain com)


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