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Three-Day Training Workshop

Stroz Friedberg, a national consulting and technical services firm specializing in digital forensics, cybercrime response, data preservation and analysis, and corporate investigations, is pleased to invite you to a workshop in New York on digital forensics in support of Enterprise incident handling. Digital forensics is becoming an integral part of information assurance, enabling Enterprises to handle security breaches, policy violations, and legal compliance preservation obligations more effectively. Whether your organization is faced with employee malfeasance, computer intrusions, civil disputes or government and regulatory inquiries, you need to know where to find digital evidence on your network, how to preserve it, and how to utilize it. Enterprises that prepare their IT systems as a source of evidence put themselves in a better position to mitigate the increasing costs and penalties associated with exposure of sensitive data, civil discovery requests, and regulatory
investigations. At the same time, you must be cognizant of privacy issues, civil discovery rules, and data breach regulations. This intensive workshop covers the managerial and technical aspects of investigating breaches of Enterprise security and policy. You will learn from leaders in the industry about:
» Forensic preparedness in the Enterprise;
» Responding to critical incidents;
» Legal considerations;
» Remote and covert forensic examination and acquisition;
» Best practices for handling digital evidence on networks;
» Open source and commercial forensic tools.

Investigative scenarios and exercises based on real-world cases and experiences will help you develop the skills to preserve and analyze evidence and combine data from multiple sources in an Enterprise.

Eoghan Casey, Director of Training
Eric Friedberg, Co-President
Terry Maguire, Digital Forensic Examiner and Investigator

Dates: April 25-27, 2007

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Coleman Center
810 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10019

The first day of this workshop is suitable for managerial and technical personnel who are responsible for handling critical incidents in an Enterprise. The remainder of the workshop is suitable for individuals who are interested in or are already performing technical aspects of digital investigations in an Enterprise.
Day 1 only - $1,250
Day 2 and Day 3 only - $2,450
All three days - $3,200

To register, please call 212.766.6040

Day 1: Planning, Policies & Procedures
- The role of digital forensics in the Enterprise
- Legal principles and regulations
- Forensic preparedness
- The importance of policies and procedures
- Managing complex digital investigations
- Overview of Enterprise forensic tools and techniques
- Using the network as an investigative tool

Day 2: Technology, Tools & Techniques
- Forensic principles and tools
- Live host examination
- Remote forensics
- Using network logs in an investigation
- Forensic reconstruction of digital events

Day 3: Technology, Tools & Techniques
- Memory forensics
- Applying forensic principles to network devices
- Forensic preservation and analysis of network traffic
- Correlating network logs
- Attributing network activities
- The future of Enterprise forensics

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