Reading data from MYM and CPBackup? Mar 02 2007 01:38AM
Peter Theobald (forensics TurtleCoveTech com)
I have a case with data files from Managing Your Money V.8 for DOS. I cannot read these files as they are in a proprietary format. The software vendor, MECA, has been out of business for many years. I have tried reading them with MYM V12 for Windows, upgrading them with a program called Conv9, converting them to Quicken with MYM2QIF. Nothing seems able to read the old MYM V.8 data files. Does anyone have a copy of MYM V8 or some insight on how to extract this data?
Also, on the same case, we have a backup made with Central Point Software's CPBackup that came with the PCTOOLS software sometime back in 1990-1992. That software is also no longer available. Does anyone have a way to recover CPBackup files?

Peter Theobald

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