Intensive Training Program Apr 15 2007 11:33PM
Eoghan Casey (eco digital-evidence net)

As some of you already know, I have developed a new training program
for digital forensic examiners and computer security professionals.
This unique series of workshops emphasizes the role of digital
forensics in an organization's information assurance efforts, teaching
practitioners the skills and tools they need to handle the challenges
of modern digital investigations.

These workshops combine postmortem examination, proactive monitoring,
private investigation, and behavioral analysis within a legal
framework to ensure the most effective results. We use hands-on
exercises to teach practical skills, and demonstrate the usefulness of
a variety of tools and techniques for performing live evidence
preservation, remote desktop monitoring, network forensic analysis,
log correlation, and behavioral analysis.

More information about these workshops is available at the Training
Center of Stroz Friedberg, LLC
(, and upcoming dates and
locations are listed below.

Discounts are available for groups and higher education institutions.
To register, contact us at 212.766.6040.

Enterprise Forensics Workshop:

Apr 25-27, 2007: New York, NY
Jun 11-15, 2007: Washington, DC
Jun 18-22, 2007: Los Angeles, CA
Jul 18-20, 2007: Boston, MA
Oct 11-12, 2007: Miami, FL

Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis Workshop

Sept 24-25, 2007: Washington, DC
Oct 15-16, 2007: New York, NY
Nov 19-23, 2007: Rome, Italy

Data Breach and Network Intrusion Investigations Workshop

Sept 26-27, 2007: Washington, DC
Nov 19-23, 2007: Rome, Italy

Eoghan Casey
Director of Training Services

New York | Washington, DC | Los Angeles | Minneapolis | Boston

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