Re: Determining that someone is not the author of an offensive email May 31 2007 12:40AM
Flavio Silva (flavioabs gmail com)
OK Anna, thank you for your answer.I suggested to the defence
counselor to call the ISP administrator, and the administrators of
both servers. I don't know if she will do it, or if it is possible in
this case.



On 5/29/07, Angelacci, Anna M CTR SPAWAR, J616 <anna.angelacci (at) navy (dot) mil [email concealed]> wrote:
> If all of the routers were pointed to the same exact time source then this could be valid based on the timestamps. That will not always be true. You need to look deeper as I have never known all net admins that configure routers to all use the same exact time sources, although if you choose to believe it, that it is remotely possible that all of them involved, configured their routers with the exact same settings. Wouldn't want to bank on that one for sure.

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