Pointsec forensic disk imaging time Jul 04 2007 11:05PM
Erin Carroll (amoeba amoebazone com) (1 replies)

I pinged the archives but didn't see a relevant thread on this...

Does anyone have any advice on decreasing the forensic imaging time for
Pointsec encrypted drives using the DOS boot disk? Currently a colleague is
getting an average of 16-hour turnarounds and I thought I'd see if there
were any hidden tips or tricks to work around the problem. It can be
painfully slow when pulling images from older hardware since AFAIK there is
no feasible way to offload the disk to a beefier machine without borking

Erin Carroll
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RE: Pointsec forensic disk imaging time Jul 05 2007 12:19AM
Bill Dean (bill dean999 comcast net)


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