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Fernando Diego Daffara (fernandodaffara epicsoft com ar) (4 replies)
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Shannon.ONeil (Shannon ONeil target com)
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Michael Sorbera (msorbera satx rr com)
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Im not sure if this goes into the depth that you need. But for other
things AS/400 related its come in handy for me.

On 7/13/07, Fernando Diego Daffara <fernandodaffara (at) (dot) ar [email concealed]> wrote:
> Hi, I could use some (all) help! I have to make a forensics analysis of the
> AS400 login/logoff logs records. But i don't have any idea about where to
> start looking! :-(
> AS400 is another world! Could someone get my an idea about how to start
> looking, some web links, etc?
> I will be able to ask to the AS400 administrator for the data, but I want to
> go witch some idea about AS400 logs, how to look it, where they are, how
> long do they are maintained?
> Thanks in advance and I'm really shamed because of my English!
> Fernando.
> Argentina

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Re: AS400 logs help Jul 17 2007 12:39AM
Esteban Farao (efarao gmail com)


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