Re: Converting an external hard drive enclosure into a write blocker? Nov 25 2007 07:00AM
jnemeth victoria tc ca (John Nemeth)
On Apr 12, 4:47am, Terry Roebuck wrote:
} A*nix mount with DD would be my option of choice, but for windows, I
} hesitatingly ask could you not modify an IDE cable to make any connected
} drive 'read-only' (might require a resistor - not sure if you can just
} clip a wire? - maybe some one with better EE skills could answer that?)

As I pointed out sometime in the last couple of weeks when this
question was first asked, the difference between read and write is the
command sent to the drive. There is nothing you can do to the cable to
stop writing that won't also stop reading. You have to have an
intelligent device that will monitor the commands sent to the drive and
abort any write commands.

}-- End of excerpt from Terry Roebuck

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