On-Demand Penetration Testing Webcasts with Ed Skoudis of SANS Nov 11 2008 03:48PM
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As a security pro, it's important to periodically stop, take a break, and refuel your brain. Once per month, Core Security Technologies does the same thing and invites industry thought leaders to share their insights through educational webcasts offering security testing tips, tricks and strategies.

We'd like to share one of our favorite webcast series with you: "Penetration Testing Ninjitsu" with Ed Skoudis of SANS and InGuardians.

> Click here to access this on-demand, three-part webcast series:

About "Penetration Testing Ninjitsu Parts I-III"
These in-depth, technical presentations by Ed Skoudis look at the art and science of using penetration testing to gain visibility into your organization's security posture.

-- Part I: A brief introduction to the value of penetration testing + an overview of pen testing techniques using the Windows command shell.

-- Part II: An introduction to techniques for performing the functions of Netcat - such as moving files, scanning ports and creating backdoors - without using Netcat.

-- Part III: This installment explores what can happen after the initial vulnerability is compromised and a threat becomes truly invasive - and how to proactively assess your systems against such attacks.

> Click here to access the "Penetration Testing Ninjitsu" series:

Core Security provides comprehensive security testing software solutions based on independent, trusted vulnerability research and leading-edge threat expertise. Unlike many vendor webcasts, these are focused on educating the security community rather than selling a specific product.

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