AVTECH 773M video files recovery May 31 2010 09:00AM
Marco Leone (mfoolb gmail com) (2 replies)
Re: AVTECH 773M video files recovery Jun 02 2010 05:16PM
Steven H. Margolis (shm aero org)
Re: AVTECH 773M video files recovery May 31 2010 08:55PM
Michael Painter (tvhawaii shaka com)
Marco Leone wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to recovery video data from a disk used with a DVR AVTECH
> 773-m (ADV7171 chipset); if I insert this disk into the DVR it can't
> read it giving an empty disk error. I'm quite sure the data is still
> into the disk.
> It seems that the DVR write raw data to the disk, none of the tools
> I've used was able to retrieve any file system or partition
> information.
> I've tried to do some reverse engineering using a working disk that
> has a couple of recording but at the moment I'm not makeing any
> progress.
> Photorec recovered files from the not working disk but it seems they
> are all false positive.
> Do you have any information about data format used by AVTECH?
> Can you suggest tools/path to follow to try and recover the data?
> Thank you very much in advance for helping.
> Ciao.

You might want to give these guys a try:

I've only used them for a HD recovery, but they were remarkable.

Best of luck...

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