raw2vmdk - Mount raw images as VMware virtual disks Jun 17 2010 12:04AM
Tasos Laskos (tasos laskos gmail com)
Hello to the list,

I recently wrote a little tool, raw2vmdk, that I'd like to share with
you and get some feedback.

raw2vmdk is a utility that enables users to mount raw hard drive images,
like images created with dd,
to a VMware virtual machine without the need to convert the entire image
to a VMware virtual disk.

raw2vmdk is written in Java and is designed to be OS independent, simple
and flexible.

It creates an appropriately structured VMDK file that refers to the raw
image, which can then be
mounted by VMware --or VirtualBox or any application that supports
VMDK-- as if it were an actual virtual drive.

It's like a light OS independent version of LiveView.

Home page:
Sourceforge project:
SVN repo: ||

Releases can be currently downloaded from:

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