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Ah, but I didn't. That's the good bit - you alter the drive before the user ever brings it in, and the chain of evidence only needs to start once it is on your desk. You need never admit or even mention that you broke it in the first place. Your "investigation" starts when the user brings in a non-booting device, and whatever happened before that isn't your problem :)

You only correct the copy to boot again, the original stays intact (and if you want one to play with, you make a second copy for that).

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>> Ladies, Gentlemen, and otherwise:
>> I have a situation whereby I need to obtain an image of an individual's
>> laptop suitable for potential prosecution in a US court; however, I only
>> have a limited window in which to grab the image, and was looking for
>> alternatives in order to not "spook" the poor guy or his co-workers who
>> would no doubt tell him about me, as I go into his office and randomly
>> image his drive!
> Here's one I have done in the past.
> Use psexec, mapped drives, whatever to gain access to the machine while
> running. rename ntldr to something else - next time the machine shuts
> down, it won't come up again.
> User screams, brings in machine for maint

Very clever, but it will cause you problems in court. You altered the
drive before you removed it. Can you prove you didn't alter anything else?
If not, your image isn't forensically sound and won't hold up in court.

To obtain a forensically sound image, you need to capture the drive, either
physically or over the network, without making any changes to it. You also
need to be able to prove that the image is identical to the drive you
captured, which means the md5 sum checks out and the image needs to be

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