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Security videos ! May 22 2007 04:08AM
vivek security-freak net (2 replies)
Hello All,

I have started a security education site called .

This site uses video lectures to illustrate the programming aspects of

security software. Currently there are around 24 videos (300 mins) on topics such as raw sockets, packet sniffers, packet injection etc. I will be adding more videos soon.

This site is free and will remain free. There are no popups or registrations required

. I am simply doing this because i love teaching and would like to give something back

to the security community.

If you like the site, please forward a link to your friends.

See ya there !



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Re: Security videos ! May 22 2007 06:10PM
WALI (hkhasgiwale gmail com)
Re: Security videos ! May 22 2007 06:02PM
Arjuna Scagnetto (arjuna ts infn it)


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