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Firewall Patching - Best Paractices Aug 10 2012 12:29PM
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Re: Firewall Patching - Best Paractices Aug 10 2012 03:41PM
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You subscribe to your vendor security update and get the most recommended OS for your firewall.

Of course, you need to have a testing appliance to deploy the patch or upgrade . If you dont have any, always confirm with your vendor or consultant if the release is recommended .

Also, you have to take note and read the Release Notes thoroughly. Find what is required on your environment and read it carefully ...

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Hi All,

I'm looking for opinion for what are the industry's best paractice for

managing the upgrdae/patches to the firewalls. I'm devloping a process

to have the firewall updated/checked for patches regulary but looking

for opinion how other folks are doing it. My ideas are following:

- A mailing list for the company with all InfoSec community part of it

and then subscripte that list for updates from Cisco, Checkpoint.

* for Cisco, I've found the lists but for Checkpoint I couldn't figure

out where to subscribe.

- Infosec reffers the update/patch to the network teams and they

consider the risk factor and asses if the patch needs to be

immediately applied for at some regular cycle.




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RE: Firewall Patching - Best Paractices Aug 10 2012 12:51PM
Joseph Laico (LAICO 0IS US) (1 replies)
Re: Firewall Patching - Best Paractices Aug 10 2012 03:49PM
gig (gigabit satx rr com)


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