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[Onapsis Research Labs] New SAP Security In-Depth issue: "Securing the Gate to the Kingdom: Auditing the SAProuter" Sep 13 2012 11:01PM
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Dear colleague,

We are happy to announce a new issue of the Onapsis SAP Security In-Depth publication.

SAP Security In-Depth is a free publication led by the Onapsis Research Labs with the purpose of providing specialized information about the current
and future risks in this area, allowing all the different actors (financial managers, information security managers, SAP administrators, auditors,
consultants and others) to better understand the involved risks and the techniques and tools available to assess and mitigate them.

In this edition: "Securing the Gate to the Kingdom: Auditing the SAProuter", by Nahuel Sanchez.
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The SAProuter is one of the most critical components of any SAP platform. Working as an application-level gateway, it is usually connected to
untrusted networks and restricts access to the backend SAP systems.

If not properly secured, remote attacks on an SAProuter implementation could result in malicious parties accessing the SAP platform and other
systems in the organization's internal network.

This issue provides an introduction to the SAProuter, followed by an analysis of security threats and obscure attack vectors on such components.

Each of the described risks is presented with countermeasures and protection strategies, to effectively mitigate it and increase the protection of
the organization's SAP platform against cyber-attacks.
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The full publication can be downloaded from

We hope you enjoy this new issue!

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