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Davin Enigl (davinenigl comcast net)

On 10/30/2012 04:55 AM, Alexander Meesters wrote:
> i dont think brute-force is the issue here, most likely a attack on such a system would be by sql-injection, once they have the credentials its easy enough to utilize rainbow tables in order to get a useable password.
> although its unlikely a bank would use a unsave hashing algorithm like md5 or sha1, the rainbow tables available today for those algorithms are up to 12 characters in length.
> IMHO they, and for that matter, everybody are far better off using pass-phrases, for example:"i do not like waffles", or "my 2 grand kids are awesome!"
> its both easy memorable and though to crack, and far exceeds any available rainbow table out there!

I worked for the last five years on the NSA/NIST SHA-3 hash project. I
assure you, if you do not double-salt your password hashed (even SHA-3)
--- then you are inviting rainbow pre-imaging.

Double salt, now! Corporate salt and individual user salt. Both. See how
to stop password cracking at: This is the
best site I've ever seen of this subject.

Also, hackers only have to be right once. They are not stupid. They do
not "brute-force" anything. They APT -- or variations there-of.

--Davin Enigl


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