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Re: Bank Of Montreal Online Security Oct 30 2012 11:55AM
Alexander Meesters (a meesters sansyl com) (2 replies)
Re: Bank Of Montreal Online Security Oct 30 2012 05:35PM
Davin Enigl (davinenigl comcast net) (1 replies)

On 10/30/2012 04:55 AM, Alexander Meesters wrote:
> IMHO they, and for that matter, everybody are far better off using pass-phrases,

True, but even better is the (now common) use of a OTP "Yubikey" (or
some token like that eBay & Paypal "football" time-limited OTC) as a
second factor. Plus, for years Bank of America has used "SafePass" one
time password generator cards.

Related to this is Bank of America's "ShopSafe" Visa numbers that are
user-limited as to expiration date, limited amount of money and only
used at one website. I've used these for years -- they work in the most
unusual applications besides the web too.

The US has only now (March 2012) started insentives to adopt Pin and
Chip credit cards (to avoid the failed PCI-DSS.)


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RE: Bank Of Montreal Online Security Oct 31 2012 06:15PM
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RE: Bank Of Montreal Online Security Nov 01 2012 07:58AM
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Re: Bank Of Montreal Online Security Oct 30 2012 03:04PM
Davin Enigl (davinenigl comcast net)


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