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Mikhail A. Utin (mutin commonwealthcare org) (3 replies)
Frankly, considering usual number of a bank customers, which could be up to 10 million, using anything better than a user name and a password create a technical problem for IT, meaning finally money. Breaking in bank's accounts and stealing information is relativily rare. I do remember they replaced my credit cards twice during twenty years. I have accounts with 5 major banks, so see the statistics. I would believe that it is much cheaper for a bank fixing accounts, replacing cards, etc. than keeping on-line complex authentication system.
RBS Citizens uses as well an image associated with an account that adds some security value.

Mikhail utin, CISSP


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HI, been following this interesting discussion.
I believe 2 factor authentication is a must for this type of thing. PCi compliance?
Why leave yourself open to any type of attacks when it can easily be avoided.

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