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Seeking NMAP Version Detection dataset Nov 06 2012 12:37AM
billy (bsmartt13 gmail com) (2 replies)
I'm working on a project for school which involves correlating version
detection output from NMAP with a local copy of OSVDB to identify
(possible) vulnerabilities quickly. Thus far I have been able to run
NMAP against 'metasploitable' as well as other similar environments I
have the resources to simulate, but this provides a very limited basis
for testing.

I am seeking a large dataset of NMAP version detection output,
especially for proprietary products that I do not have the financial
resources to obtain. I was hoping that nmap's source code would
contain something to but the file 'nmap-service-probes' is composed of
intense regular expressions and even if I took the time to read them
all and write out the possibilities I'm apprehensive to do so for two
reasons: humans make mistakes and my time to work on this is limited.

The Nmap Fingerprint Database
( looks like it has
what I am looking for, but I can only find a submit fingerprint page,
it does not appear to have public lookup/browsing capability.

If anyone has any suggestions, even if it's a relatively incomplete
list of versions nmap can detect, please let me know.

If this was the incorrect place to post this and anyone has a
suggestion on where else I could ask this question also let me know.

Thank you for reading,


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Re: Seeking NMAP Version Detection dataset Nov 06 2012 10:00AM
Nick Besant (lists hwf cc)
Re: Seeking NMAP Version Detection dataset Nov 06 2012 09:38AM
Jerome Athias (athiasjerome gmail com)


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