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iOS Game - how to secure server side resurces Nov 07 2012 05:23PM
naveen0403 yahoo com (2 replies)
I recently joined a company which is developing a game/app for iOS. Game needs some intensive server side processing. Also, they want the game to be popular as soon as possible so there are no security requirements to sign up or set up a user account(userid/pwd). They just want user to download and start playing.
How do you secure server resources(say REST services) in this environment? Every approach i think of, has a security flaw, because fundamentally anything you store on client side(hardcode in code or config files, encryption keys etc) to communicate with server side resources, it can be retrieved.
May be I am missing something fundamental. Any help is appreciated.


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RE: iOS Game - how to secure server side resurces Nov 09 2012 07:59AM
Costas Ioannou (icostas saferelay net)
Re: iOS Game - how to secure server side resurces Nov 09 2012 06:32AM
Hai Lang (hailang me com)


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