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Prevent DoS (Linux+Apache+Jboss) Jan 31 2013 03:23PM
Daniel Armbrust (darmbrust cleartech com br) (1 replies)
Hi folks,

What is the best way to prevent huge access to a web application ?
This is a Java Application running on Jboss 5. The Operating System
is a RedHat Linux Box with 4 GB of Ram.
Always, we find in access_log a lots of requests. These high requests
increase the "load average" of the server
until its freezes.

Normally, we pick up the "Bad IP" from access_log and make a simple
IPTables rule, like that:

/sbin/iptables -A INPUT -s <IP> -p tcp --syn -m connlimit
--connlimit-above 5 -j REJECT --reject-with tcp-reset

There is another best way ???
Thanks so much.

Daniel Armbrust.


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Re: Prevent DoS (Linux+Apache+Jboss) Feb 02 2013 09:40AM
gremlin gremlin ru (1 replies)
Re: Prevent DoS (Linux+Apache+Jboss) Feb 04 2013 12:43PM
Rællic Systems (director raellic com)


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