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Prevent DoS (Linux+Apache+Jboss) Jan 31 2013 03:23PM
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Re: Prevent DoS (Linux+Apache+Jboss) Feb 02 2013 09:40AM
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Re: Prevent DoS (Linux+Apache+Jboss) Feb 04 2013 12:43PM
Rællic Systems (director raellic com)
Hi Security Basics,

First question from us; sorry if it's the wrong list.

Without naming names, where might we find the best ever non-U.S. white hats for peer reviewing a ~100 page paper on a possible use of the Linksys/Broadcom zero day published by Defense Code on January 31, 2013? Link (PDF):

Could we send an invitation or announcement to this list, for example? So far, no Americans want to touch us but one European has said yes to being a peer reviewer-- at no charge! Apparently this issue is that controversial, but also that interesting.

What it looks like from here is that a leading American defense contractor and a U.S. Federal agency may have contributed to the Linksys/Broadcom exploit. But that's one reason we need peer reviewers-- we need to be sure before just announcing that.

Email us at your own risk!

Thank you,

Andrew Watters

Rællic Systems
director (at) raellic (dot) com [email concealed]


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