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secure and simple file server Mar 27 2013 07:27PM
Peter Odigie (peterquid gmail com) (2 replies)
Hi All!

I will like to get your suggestions.

I have been asked to set up a file server on a windows OS not using
any active directory stuff. Just a simple file sharing stuff in which:

Person A will be the only one to put a file into Folder A but will
also be able to get files from Folder B & C. And the same will hold
for person B and person C - a folder can only be edited by a
particular person/group but all can access and get files from it.

My question is how will one implement this securely, making sure
person B cannot edit files in folder A for example.

I am open to commercial, opensource & windows-native implementations.




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Re: secure and simple file server Mar 29 2013 10:44AM
ugochukwu egerue gmail com
Re: secure and simple file server Mar 29 2013 09:57AM
Ansgar Wiechers (bugtraq planetcobalt net)


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